Glass Art

Glass Art, has many mediums that in our blog you will find, as we move forward. 

We will start off with the most current and very popular method, being used, Glass Fusing!

What is glass fusing?

Technically speaking, glass fusing is the process by which different forms and colors of glass are bonded through heat in a kiln. In practical terms, however, glass fusing represents a technological revolution in modern studio art.

Like the well-known art of glass blowing, glass fusing allows makers to create an endless range of objects that capitalize on the unique properties of glass. Unlike glass blowing, glass fusing does not require a furnace or other industrial-level equipment (and their expenses). Rather, it offers a feasible and affordable option for hobbyists and artists interested in building their own studio and creative practice.

If you are searching for a new hobby, a new craft, a new art form.....or you know you have found it and are ready to jump onboard, you have come to the correct place.

To get started, you'll need:

  • A readiness to explore, learn and enjoy!
  • Basic knowledge. You can join the free online video subscription service for over 100 lessons, projects, and features at Look under the education tab. There is also a large array of FREE videos and training tutorials as well. We use a lot of there products to create our artwork.
  • Basic tools and supplies — This is determined on how deeply you wish to go into this medium. As this is an expensive hobby, so to speak. I suggest that you take a beginners class that teaches you the basic knowledge and tools before you start purchasing tools and equipment.
  • We do teach basic fusing classes within our studio upon request.
  • After your class you should be aware if you wish to do the investment in a kiln or if you wish to have someone do that portion for you. As both are options.
  • It also helps to have inspiration for all that you can do with glass. Join some Fusing Glass groups. Most artist are very willing and glad to help others in advancing the beginners skill set. As we all were beginners at one time. 

In our Next Blog, we will discuss Glass and Compatibility. Also know as COE.

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