Dichroic Crosses Clear or Black
Dichroic Crosses Clear or Black
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Dichroic Crosses Clear or Black

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These dichroic fused glass crosses, are absolutely stunning. You will be amazed at the brilliance of color that they both reflect. These are 4" in size, a perfect size for the car mirror, or adding into a small window or spaces in a cross wall, as each stands alone in there beauty with or without light reflecting through it. Both come with a satin ribbon for hanging and are boxed for gift giving with a descriptive card.

The Clear dichroic is on a clear base that lets the beauty of the dichroic reflect from both sides of the cross. When in the light, it reflects hues of many colors as the light shines through it. 

The Black dichroic, is on black glass that helps hold the color and reflect its hues. As the dichroic is black on the back for this purpose when its originally made, The hues change as it moves, and picks up the color next to it!

You will not be disappointed in either of these beauties.

They both come boxed and have a card with the definition of what Dichroic is.

Dichroic: From the Greek. Two colors Reflects one color and transmits another. Has depth and intense color. The hues change as you move it. You will be asked about your piece of artwork.