Hot Mosaic Crosses, Set of 3
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Hot Mosaic Crosses, Set of 3

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This set of 3 crosses about 3-4 inches in length that are of Mosaic style will have one with a dangle.  The different colors and shapes of glass are hot fused to the clear bases at a degree of 1465, then cooled back down to room temperature to fully be annealed which makes the glass very strong and durable and with no sharp edges. Great for your home, the office or hang on on your car mirror.

Each piece is unique and no two are alike. What the sets contain are three crosses, two of the same size of 3 - 4 inches and one the same size but with a matching dangle that hangs from it.

 The colors are mixtures of yellow, greens, blues, beiges, aqua, pumpkin, and many more within one cross. 

Each comes with a white or matching ribbon for hanging, you will not be disappointed in these beautiful pieces.